Working Arrangements

The “Delivering as One” modality initiated by the UN Country Team since 2008 and formally endorsed by the Government in 2014 is increasingly showing positive results in efficiency gains and effectiveness including the impact of working jointly. The Resident Coordinator System, led by the UN Resident Coordinator (RC) who is the designated representative of the Secretary General, manages and facilitates the development of the overall UN support to the country through the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

The UN Country Team comprising of Heads of UN entities meet regularly each month to plan and execute their joint work plans. Inter-agency working groups established to strengthen collaboration and improve efficiency, are proving to be central to the success of the Delivering as One modality. The Resident Coordinator reports to the UN Secretary-General through the Chair of the UN Development Group.

All members of the UN Country Team are accountable to their respective organizations, as well as to the Resident Coordinator for delivering development results outlined in the UNDAF. The RC also serves as the Resident Representative of UNDP. However, in order to create the firewall between the RC Office and UNDP, the day-to-day operations of UNDP are delegated to the Deputy Resident Representative