Times of Swaziland (Newspaper)


The Times of Swaziland

The Times of Swaziland is the main newspaper group in Swaziland one of the oldest newspaper publications in the region having been founded in 1897 by Allister Miller. Originally published in Manzini, it was closed temporarily when its presses were smashed during the Anglo Boer War. It was subsequently revived as the High Commission Printers in Mbabane. During the 60s it was taken over by the South Africa Argus Group who published it until 1974 before selling it to Douglas Loffler, a British immigrant from Malawi.

The Times is available on the internet and is edited by Mbongeni Mbingo.

His African Echo group has grown over the years and is now made up of three titles; the daily Times of Swaziland, Swazi News publishing on Saturday and SUNDAY published on Sundays. The newspaper’s often independent views and comment have ensured a strained relationship with the government.