Annual Retreat

The Annual Retreat

The overall policy setting mechanism of the UN Country Team is the annual UNCT retreat. In this meeting,  UN agencies sit together to plan together. In this process, they also involve all resident and non-resident UN agencies as well as government.

The meeting conducts a thorough review of the implementation of UN programmes and operational activities in the previous year within the context of progress towards achievement of UNDAF as framed under the UNDAF results matrix.

The retreat is the most important meeting of the UN system in the country and is often facilitated by resource persons from the UN Development Operations and Coordination Office (DOCO). It not only reviews performance in the previous year but also sets out the policy objectives and direction of the UNCT in the coming year.

The 2009 UNCT retreat was particularly crucial in light of the conclusion of the 2006-2010 UNDAF which required planning for the next planning cycle for the 2011-2015 UNDAF. To facilitate the commitment and agreement on results, this retreat also included all individuals who have leading roles in the UNCT as well as key implementing partners.