Working with Civil Society

Engaging with non-state actors

The United Nations has established structures for strengthening the involvement of the public in promoting the principles and values of the United Nations within Swaziland society.

This engagement is in line with the recommendation of the UN Secretary General for the UN to strengthen strategic engagement with non state actors at the country level.

Engagement with civil society in particular is critical to national ownership of development processes, democratic governance, and the quality and relevance of official development programmes. Given the growing role and influence of civil society in development, the UN seeks to draw on and contribute to its strengths in order to maximize the potential of civic engagement for development. In this respect, the UN has established the Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC) which was launched on the 9th September 2009.

Civil society actors at national and global levels have developed substantive capacity and influence in a range of development issues. Partnering with them can help contribute to the effectiveness of development interventions, especially with respect to marginalized and vulnerable groups.

The UN has also formed a UN Association of Swaziland (UNASWA) which will be the umbrella body for national associations that promote the principles and values of the United Nations. A National founding committee that is coordinating the formation and registration of the association has been formed. The Association is expected to be launched soon.